Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Bruno Schultz


Listen to the audio podcast here - sure, with echoes of Franz K himself, where any remnant of reality fades into the wallpaper, and the fabulous is all that remains.   Can you smell the crab?

The Last Book


Adam Gopnik reviews Elaine Pagels' eye-opening (wide!) dissertation on the last book of the Holy Bible.  Is it really accurate to say "The truth is that punitive, hysterical religions thrive, while soft, mystical ones must hide their scriptures somewhere in the hot sand."  ? 

preceded by observing that even Buddhists have a heavy handed theocracy to keep temple-goers in line:
"You can’t help feeling, along with Pagels, a pang that the Gnostic poems, so much more affecting in their mystical, pantheistic rapture, got interred while Revelation lives on.

hymns and fables


Monday, March 05, 2012

priceless advertising

Order up a heart attack at the "Heart Attack Grill"
as reported on CBS -

then on an EMS site:

the name of the burger is called the "triple bypass"