Tuesday, September 14, 2010

check the security status of your browser (all of them) and your addons/plugins (all of them)


is a free web browser checking tool to check whether the addons are up to date or known to be vulnerable --  whether the installed versions are up to date or known to be vulnerable:  flash, quicktime, realplayer, acrobat reader, wmediaplayer, silverlight, etc as well as the basic browser.

NOTE:  it does install a plugin/addon/ depending on your browser, but there are clear instructions on how to remove it as you wish.     When updating your addons/plugins, read what you are agreeing to and DON"T INSTALL THINGS YOU DON"T NEED (or don't want).

I checked my IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari and they all came back with different versions of the plugins, in varying combinations of "up to date" and "vulnerable"  .  

NOTE2:   the RealPlayer update seems to want to install Pro when you select "Fix It", so I just canceled; I'll get the free one myself later.

NOTE3:   Apple software update will update sw from Apple, but does not seem to check the status of the add-ons and plug-ins.

Note4:  if you own a web site you can have qualys check it for malware (say installed by an advertiser or vulnerable component  on the page.  that service is free also:  http://www.qualys.com/forms/trials/stopmalware/.

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