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Arlington Laughter Club closes- last meeting Nov 28th.

Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 7:40 PM
To: "P. Lynn Caesar"


“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss 

To my dear laughing friends:
I wanted  to let you know I have decided to close the Arlington Laughter Club.  We have had 7 great years and  the  
laughing presence in the greater Boston area (and beyond)  exceeds my hopes and dreams  since I became certifiably
laughable back in 2003.  I admire those of you who have shown courage to show up to something
"unusual" and stretch yourselves beyond your comfort zone. We have had many joyful memories and I will cherish
our "celebrity status" being on WBUR, ABC Good Morning America, and having publications in the Boston
Globe and local newspapers.
Clubs are not easy to join as adults. I have felt blessed and fortunate being a proud member of the
Arlington Laughter Club. Laughter is the great equalizer. Being in the presence of joyful and playful people who
have dropped in to our club over the past 7 years has set the tone for the next chapter which I am ready to embrace.
I can guarantee you I will not stop laughing. I will carry with me the importance of connecting with a wonderful community.
Dr. Seuss captures my sentiments about the feeling associated with this decision. I hope you can come to our last
Arlington laughter club session on 11/28 at 11:30AM to rejoice and share a special session with people
who have helped shape the club over the years. And please, in the spirit of who we have been to the community, come
for the first time if you've never experienced laughter yoga. You can't help but to be touched by the positive energy of
people who are willing to show up to connect with people who want more laughter in their lives. There are other
laughter clubs in the area for you to attend. This was not so much the case when we started 7 years ago.
The tradition can continue!
I will  proudly still be offering my  certified  laughter yoga trainings (next session will be in April  - see below)  and   will
continue to offer speaking engagements, seminars, and workshops on laughter. 
Announcing our   LAST  laughter club meeting   in 2011  :


 Daytime meeting  will be  held    on Monday 11/28/11 from  11:30-12:30  PM    at the Church of our Saviour on 21 Marathon street in East Arlington, MA .    IF YOU ARE ABLE TO STAY LONGER,  we will SOCIALIZE UNTIL 1pm.  HOWEVER, THE FORMAL SESSION IS OVER AT 12:30.    

  Charge :  $5  


 Laughter Club Meeting    
Location: Church of our Saviour on 21 Marathon street in East Arlington, MA     

 Last  Laughter club Meeting  

Monday  daytime       11/28/11      at  11:30AM  with Lynn Caesar                     
  Laughter club   Time :  
              Daytime : 11:30-1PM

                          Upcoming Certified laughter Yoga  Leader  Training  April, 2012  
 Continuing education credits  approved   for social  workers,    licensed mental health counselors , and activity professionals.  Application made for holistic nurses, and  case managers.   

 Lynn Caesar, Ph.D. will be leading another certified laughter yoga leader training
to add more laughter in your life, start a laughter club, lead laughter workshops/events,
 and incorporate  laughter yoga into your work and personal life.    
      Dates: Friday and Saturday   April 20/21, 2012 
   Time:   9-4:00PM (Friday) and 9-5PM (Saturday)  
Fee:  $295  (price includes handouts, t-shirt, snacks ;  additional $20 for CEU's   ) 
 Where:   Belmont, MA         Please contact Lynn for more information: [email protected]

  Please visit our web site to see Walter's fun pages, research reports,  
 and interesting links to laughter and humor.  Walter works very hard to  
 develop creative links and easy access to the activities of our club.  Thank  
 you Walter for a fabulous job!  Check out our Arlington laughter club website:    
Laughter Leader  
Lynn Caesar: [email protected]
 For information about other laughter clubs in Massachusetts and other states, click on links below:
   Dr. Madan Kataria's website:
World Laughter Tour:

FROM LYNN CAESAR (I am including Okame, Japanese Goddess of Mirth, to accompany our friend Hotei, the laughing Buddha) 

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