Monday, July 08, 2013

twenty years of free burritos !
and various other prizes. put it on your calendar.

Adventurrito is a 20-day-long treasure hunt that starts on Chipotle's 20th anniversary. Each day we'll release a new puzzle, and every day but the 20th day we'll choose 20 players at random to receive FREE BURRITOS FOR A YEAR. Players that correctly solve the first 19 puzzles get a shot at the Grand Prize on the 20th day. The first 20 people with the highest scores on the 20th puzzle win FREE BURRITOS FOR 20 YEARS (no, that's not a typo).

Free burritos for a year:
it's the luck of the draw
19 days, 20 winners per day, 380 happy people

Free burritos for 20 years:
OMG is totally appropriate
20 puzzles, 20 speedy high scores, 20 big winners

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