Friday, December 13, 2013

50 gig free online storage

Happy Holidays !
  • Just browsing around on Locker, I see that for “a limited time” you can get a FREE 50 gig cloud storage on Locker.
  • I just upgraded my free 5 gig to 50 gig.
  • I was previously able to sign up with a personal email account, although it is not obvious that the password reset function is transparent / effortless. Just remember your pw…
  • I installed the app on my phone so all my photos upload – although it seems the app has to be open and running for the upload to progress.
  • There is a sharing method which I have not tried.
  • Use the "AT&T Access ID" ( on second line), not your wireless account (top line of locker page)
  • It seems you do have to have an AT&T wireless number -- where locker sends the PIN to create the account, and your email to verify that you are a real person too.
  • After you sign up you have to go to "my account", click on Upgrade, and select 50 Gig (Free) and confirm; otherwise you get the default 5 gig storage.

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