Sunday, December 01, 2013

stop unfounded positive thinking delusion and be vigilant

positive thinking might be a good thing, and I am overall an optimistic and hopeful person.  but by itself unfounded, unrealistic expectation is a delusion.

from the article:
Why The Religion Of 'Positive Thinking' Needs To Be Burned At The Stake
There's "positive thinking" and then there's something else entirely. RSA Animate created this beautiful clip from a talk by journalist, author, and activist Barbara Ehrenreich — and it's golden! 
Darth Vader shows up at 2:15 to dispel the myth of "The Secret." At 4:10 is one of the key causes of the financial meltdown that led to the Great Recession. At 7:00, she hits on something that keeps us alive — if we're paying attention!
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the full lecture is

This not from the division of EMC that makes security dongles, it is a charitable organization
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