Thursday, October 22, 2009

drying the tears

drying the tears...

Given the starting point of a blank emotionless mask, I wanted to bring in some emotional content. Drying the tears hints that even the mask might cry (some of the white Krylon did drip to the right in a tear-like stream but is mostly hidden). Butterflies are drinking up the tears on one side (are they looking for the salt or are they really sympathetic in a fundamental, atavistic way?), and others are (mostly) made from tissue paper - appropriately fragile and delicate. The inside of the mask is ... a mess. Receipts from Starbucks, the grocery, etc., are the chaotic internal flutterings in our busy heads. If you look deep enough under the chaos you can see some fear in the moth over the lips from "silence of the lambs". The weight in the back is just to keep it from tipping over.

October, 2009.