Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pastafarians Unite ! Put on your helmets (or not) !

News from Pastafaria (thanks, Brendan!) .  Niko's strainer, collander, sieve, whatever you call it, made pastafarian history.

For those who are not already aware of pastafaricness, 

Speaking of hats, reminded me of the study  that showed the foil hats often used for protection against remote mind control by aliens and Big Brother, often not only failed to protect the brains of the potential victims, but actually amplified the radio signals inside the foil at frequencies that are specifically reserved for government use.   Is it possible that it was a plot all along, to peer into the brains of the most paranoid?   Yikes !

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Soul, and Consciousness

Michael Singer
The Untethered Soul, in the library at
Or you can go to his book web site
This book has been out since 2007 !   " Who are you, really ? "   The parts I liked best were Chapter 15, The Path of Unconditional Happiness, and  Chapter 17, Contemplating Death.  Remarkably insightful.

On a related note, on the idea of consciousness, there are two TED videos that are immediately relevant:
First is Jill Bolte Taylor's  direct experience with left and right brain when she suffered a stroke, and eventually recovered over a long time.

Second,  Simon Lewis had his own direct experience with a remarkable recovery, coming back from a severe injury and the many aspects of technologies that were of help to him along the way, both relating to his consciousness and the recovery of his physical body.