Saturday, January 14, 2012

oh sure blame mom and dad, then euthanize your mailbox

Are you an email hoarder or deleter ? 

Google has given all of us permission to be hoarders with their 7gig mailbox for free.    A skeptic would suggest, or suspect: the better to track where our heads are.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

__ ex machina

La Macchina Botanica at Venice Biennale

The Page Turner

Some of the music from

badges ? we don't need no steenkin' badges !!

Bogart plays Dobbs on the payroll train, telling the robbers to "show me your badges" gets the classic response in Treasure of the Sierra Madre.  that was played out in many other places (see Blazing Saddles) --  also see 

The new badges are

I have mine for IPv6 from Hurricane Electric:
IPv6 Certification Badge for shukong

Sunday, January 08, 2012

What are you revealing about yourself?

Every time you open a connection to a web server, a conversation takes place between your browser and computer, and the server you have reached.

This reports some of the information that is revealed (check on your anonymity): .  Note to Chrome browser users:  think you are hiding anything by using an "incognito window" ?  See for yourself.   Go back and visit a second time - from the cookie left on your system, you are welcomed back with the count of how many visits.

Other tools on this site include a "geolocation" (where you are geographically) but might not work if you're on IPv6.   An alternate geolocation tool is (select English page unless you prefer German).

Other interesting aspects of what is revealed about you, and other tools, include:
* The AS (autonomous system number of which your IP address is a part) see the "/as" choices.
* IDN (internationalized domain names)
* IPv6 tools