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quick search on boston globe for the word produces links to cure for diabetes, memory loss, alzheimers, even "secret of youth".   in addition to Monday's article

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In Lab, Seeking Secret of Youth Chemical Abundant In Red Wine Appears To Slow Aging In Study  (Archive fee)
...particularly ferocious guardian is an enzyme known as sirtuin. Sinclair explained thatsirtuin works like a traffic cop, directing other enzymes...survival, and defense. But, he wondered, what if sirtuin could be armed so that it would provide an even...
By: Smith, Stephen|Date: Aug 25, 2003
Age-old woes, new tactic
...Harvard lifespan conference centered on sirtuin modulators, which appear to provide the...Japanese knotweed, is the best-known sirtuin modulator. Many scientists not the only drug maker developing sirtuin modulators. Elixir Pharmaceuticals Inc...
By: Mark Baard|Date: Oct 19, 2009
Massachusetts General Hospital
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When food intake stops, enzyme turns off production of fats, cholesterol - Massachusetts General
...fat diet with an agent that increases sirtuin activity suppressed the expression of...species of animals. Drugs that stimulate sirtuin activity are currently being investigated...diabetes and related conditions. "Sirtuin activators could strengthen SIRT1 functions...
Mostoslavsky Lab - Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
...Research Fellow (1) A Postdoctoral Research Fellow position is available to study the molecular function of the mammalian Sirtuin proteins, focusing on the role of SIRT6 in the metabolic response against genotoxic stress. The candidate is expected to...
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Protein linked to aging may boost memory and learning ability
...memory. Potential drugs that enhance plasticity by boosting sirtuin activity could help patients with neurological disorders such as...actions in more detail, and are also investigating whether sirtuin genes other than SIRT1 influence memory and learning. Comments...
Team reports genetic link between aging, neurodegenerative disorders
...Memory and Harvard Medical School report that one particular sirtuin-producing gene is a link between aging and human neurodegenerative...diseases. The SIR2 (silent information regulator) gene and sirtuin, the enzyme it produces, promote longevity in a variety of...
Harvard Medical School
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Harvard Medical School - WebWeekly
...Thing Happened on the Way to the Fornix” Student Scene: Faking Science February 6, 2006 In Focus: Loss of Sirtuin Protein Seen to Cut Life Short Spotlight: • ‘FREDDIE’ Honors DFCI Video • The Second Year Show: “A Funny Thing...
Boston University Medical Campus
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Postdoctoral Openings » Division of Graduate Medical Sciences » BUMC
...disease. Current research program includes exploring the role of AMP-activated protein kinase, NAD-dependent deacetylase, Sirtuin (SIRT1), sterol-regulatory element-binding proteins (SREBPs) in the control of energy metabolism, diabetes and atherosclerosis...
Innovation Economy
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Innovation Economy: November 2007 now trying to follow suit. But the crucial difference is that Sirtris is still very much pursuing drugs based on the sirtuin work of local researchers like Harvard's David Sinclair, while Elixir has in-licensed a diabetes drug already approved...