Monday, June 28, 2010

Blue hubbard squash

Blue hubbard squash. Two - maybe too close together ? One bag of manure plus one bag of lobster mulch. Two tomato plants just for fun.  Soaking - ground in the area was /is  very dry.

These squash vines have some interesting mechanical behavior - after a hard rain or watering, or upon even very gentle handling in moving from pot to ground, the leaves and stems seem to fall limp and lose all mechanical strength.   Overnight they seem to freshen up and look "normal" again, springing back up.    Almost like a sensitivity to mechanical contact - go limp and stay out of the way of potential mechanical damage, then come back later.   After a heavy rain, the stems seemed to change from straight up growth to leaning down close to the soil -- I tried to "straighten" them upright a couple of times then gave up, let them lean close to the ground - maybe it likes to be close to the ground anyway.

Grow, baby, grow !