Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

google chat /voice calls in US free in 2010 ?

Looks like chat now allows you to make voice and video calls from inside Gmail or from iGoogle...
Free for 2010 ??

Monday, August 23, 2010

retrieving that email (soon) after you just hit "SEND"
in Gmail --

To enable 'Undo Send':
1. Log in to Gmail and go to Google Labs. If you've never gone to Labs before, click the word "more" in the very top left corner, then scroll down and click "even more."
2. In the column on the right, click "Labs." It's next to the icon of a beaker filled with green stuff.
3. Click "Gmail Labs" in the column on the right.
4. Scroll down almost all the way to the bottom until you see "Undo Send." Click "enable" and the feature is now on. Then scroll the rest of the way down and look in the bottom left corner for the "Save Changes" box. Click it.
5. Now, go back to the main Gmail page and click "Settings" in the top right. You should also see your green Labs beaker icon there now -- this will let you go straight to Labs from now on.
6. Scroll down to "Undo Send" -- it should be right above "My Picture." Your default should be set to 10 seconds. But you can use the drop-down bar to stretch that to 30 seconds.
7. Scroll down and hit "Save Changes."
8. To undo an email, just look for the box at the top of the screen that will have the words "Your message has been sent." After that, you should see the "Undo" option. Click that and you'll be sent back to the e-mail's draft form, where you'll have 30 seconds to edit or delete it before it goes out.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

waiting ...


PubCamp Boston 2010 notes

no particular order,  do not assume endorsement...

* Center for Social Media (New York?)
* Pamela Yates (also NY?) small teams, figureout an economic model / community
* to independent collaborators / producers:  keep your day job
* Tina Brown is quotes as "there is no economic model for quality content"  (?!)
* Peter Magee (sp?):   producer is the person who organizes a community of people around an idea"
* mediastorm  - production house in Brooklyn (NY) - high quality product -
* Brian Storm:  not everything / everyone should be multimedia
* core skills of writing, communicating, video, audio, photo, all necessary and are aspects of new media requirements in markets, also what news orgs are paying for...
* sources of payment for media are (in a word) cheap.    if funding is scarce there will be short funding for neither the team (with separate special skills - audio, photo, video), nor money for training of individuals to do multiple jobs.   if one back-pack multimedia hound has to do all types of media, some of the aspects will suffer.
* think about your audience:  what is the target consumer level of quality that you aim for?
* marketplace for investigative journalism - model for collaboration to produce  high quality (needs time, depth of investigation, etc) products
* Matt - Reading -

* where's the audience for high quality journalism (? multimedia ?)
* today average consumer will take 500 words on a web page, or 3 minutes on radio
*  (myth of the one-man band)
* metrics - what effect can they have on payment/funding for (multi) media ?
* Adam W (?) -  start by asking "what is the story I am going to tell"
*  science series
* Joe Cox - Don Jose Media
* Randall Warniers - see :  photographers of tomorrow = "a picture becomes a photograph when others see it", and "photos acquire value over time" (they are a piece of history) - see Boston Globe "big picture" -- look for James Nachtwey's dvd on "War Photography"
* mapping main street -- see "Hoffs"  in Indiana - /  after Haiti quake, locate hospitals and tent camps for aid org's to navigate in Port au Prince (another map showed where roads were not passable?).  - ? use in Pakistaon to aid flood impacted areas ?
* ushahidi  crowdsourcing assistance for crisis

* any many others ...
* state of the reunion (not sure why it's related; other than it's PRX / NPR and community building / service)