Sunday, August 22, 2010

PubCamp Boston 2010 notes

no particular order,  do not assume endorsement...

* Center for Social Media (New York?)
* Pamela Yates (also NY?) small teams, figureout an economic model / community
* to independent collaborators / producers:  keep your day job
* Tina Brown is quotes as "there is no economic model for quality content"  (?!)
* Peter Magee (sp?):   producer is the person who organizes a community of people around an idea"
* mediastorm  - production house in Brooklyn (NY) - high quality product -
* Brian Storm:  not everything / everyone should be multimedia
* core skills of writing, communicating, video, audio, photo, all necessary and are aspects of new media requirements in markets, also what news orgs are paying for...
* sources of payment for media are (in a word) cheap.    if funding is scarce there will be short funding for neither the team (with separate special skills - audio, photo, video), nor money for training of individuals to do multiple jobs.   if one back-pack multimedia hound has to do all types of media, some of the aspects will suffer.
* think about your audience:  what is the target consumer level of quality that you aim for?
* marketplace for investigative journalism - model for collaboration to produce  high quality (needs time, depth of investigation, etc) products
* Matt - Reading -

* where's the audience for high quality journalism (? multimedia ?)
* today average consumer will take 500 words on a web page, or 3 minutes on radio
*  (myth of the one-man band)
* metrics - what effect can they have on payment/funding for (multi) media ?
* Adam W (?) -  start by asking "what is the story I am going to tell"
*  science series
* Joe Cox - Don Jose Media
* Randall Warniers - see :  photographers of tomorrow = "a picture becomes a photograph when others see it", and "photos acquire value over time" (they are a piece of history) - see Boston Globe "big picture" -- look for James Nachtwey's dvd on "War Photography"
* mapping main street -- see "Hoffs"  in Indiana - /  after Haiti quake, locate hospitals and tent camps for aid org's to navigate in Port au Prince (another map showed where roads were not passable?).  - ? use in Pakistaon to aid flood impacted areas ?
* ushahidi  crowdsourcing assistance for crisis

* any many others ...
* state of the reunion (not sure why it's related; other than it's PRX / NPR and community building / service)

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