Tuesday, July 09, 2013

block unwanted calls to your android or blackberry

ordinarily I would not do free advertising but this product seems to be free (at least for now):

Community BlacklistAutomatically block thousands of reported spam callers. The Community Blacklist is continually updated to your device to insure you’re always blocking the latest threats to your privacy!

Call & Text BlockingCall Control effortlessly blocks any call or text message on the Community Blacklist or that you’ve added to your personal Blacklist. Your phone won’t ring and you won’t be interrupted.

Call Control Gives You OptionsChoose exactly how you want Call Control to behave. Hide notifications, block private or unknown callers, send calls to voicemail, mute your ringer, block by area code or prefix and dozens more custom options.

Block FCC Do Not Call ViolatorsCall Control is the only app that works with the FCC and blocks reported violators of Federal Do Not Call laws.

Report Spam CallersHelp power the Community Blacklist by reporting a spam call. Spammers and fraudsters are tricky and new phone numbers. Reporting them quickly adds them to the Community Blacklist for everyone’s benefit. And it just feels good.

Monday, July 08, 2013

when the internet crashes

what is Your plan B after the internet crashes ?

twenty years of free burritos !

and various other prizes. put it on your calendar.

Adventurrito is a 20-day-long treasure hunt that starts on Chipotle's 20th anniversary. Each day we'll release a new puzzle, and every day but the 20th day we'll choose 20 players at random to receive FREE BURRITOS FOR A YEAR. Players that correctly solve the first 19 puzzles get a shot at the Grand Prize on the 20th day. The first 20 people with the highest scores on the 20th puzzle win FREE BURRITOS FOR 20 YEARS (no, that's not a typo).

Free burritos for a year:
it's the luck of the draw
19 days, 20 winners per day, 380 happy people

Free burritos for 20 years:
OMG is totally appropriate
20 puzzles, 20 speedy high scores, 20 big winners