Saturday, August 21, 2010

PubCampBoston 2010
session 5 in the Cafe - Mr Oh... (secure distance collaboration)

PubCampBoston Notes
Welcome and Board Creation (9:00 – 10:00)MC
Yawkey Theatre
Break (10:00 – 10:20)
Session 1 (10:25 – 11:10)Facilitator
Fraser StudioCreating Content OnlineBruce
Yawkey TheatreWill Public Media 2.0 Help Grow Community Media?Jason
CaféPublic APIs
Reno RoomMultimedia Journalism: Myth of 1 Man Band
Cahners RoomMedia & Action
Session 2 (11:15 – 12:10)Facilitator
Fraser StudioHow do you encode 4 web?Rachel
Yawkey TheatreSetting Stage for Collaboration btwn Public Media & Public AccessNilagia
CaféMobile Internet TechGeorge & Andrew
Reno RoomBackpack Media Production
Cahners Room"Education" (k-12)Peter & Nancy
Lunch (12:10 - 1:30)
Session 3 (1:35 – 2:05)Facilitator
Fraser StudioPhotographer of the Future
Yawkey TheatreHow Can Emergency Responders Help You?
Reno RoomAccess to Media/Quality Programming
Cahners RoomListening SalonEmily
Session 4 (2:10 – 2:40)Facilitator
Fraser StudioX-Institutional ProductionHeather
Yawkey TheatreSpontaneous Behaviors 2 Avoid Extinction
Reno RoomNew Radio Receiver
Cahners RoomSocial Media Job MarketSophia
Session (2:45 – 3:50)Facilitator
Fraser StudioSteve Garfeild TVSteve
Yawkey TheatreLightening Round
CaféSecure Distance CollabMr. Oh
Reno RoomWhat Do We Want From Boston's Media?
Cahners RoomMobile Giving/Source TextingAmy/Annie&Ben
Break (3:50 - 4:10)
Session 6 (4:10 – 4:55)Facilitator
Fraser StudioCrowdsourcing Beyond Google MapsEmma
Yawkey TheatrePublic Access: Relevant 2 Next Gen
CaféIndy News BureauD. Goodman

Reno RoomWhere Should $$ Go?Steve
Cahners RoomKeeping Up or Getting Left BehindSarah and Jennifer
Wrap Up (5:00 – 6:00)MC
Yawkey Theatre

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