Sunday, June 26, 2011

do you have a Living Will (in Massachusetts, a health care proxy) ?

If you have both a Living Will (for use outside MA), and a Health Care Proxy (for use inside MA), and they both say the same thing, it is a confirmation of your desires wherever you are.


Health Care Proxy / Living Will

Massachusetts Health Care Proxy

Living Will

According to Mass. Medical Society, "Massachusetts is one of only three states that recognizes Health Care Proxies but does not recognize Living Wills. Living Wills are still potentially useful because they guide Agents and physicians about the types of choices a person would make."

Massachusetts Medical Society's Health Care Proxy form is available here:

Also,  google "Living Will" and there are many sites that will prepare a living will for you for no charge.  This is different from a "Last will and testament", or "health power of attorney" which have different powers.   Talk to your legal advisor.

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