Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Employers requiring your facebook id and password?

Your individual privacy rights.
Used to be you might be subject to a criminal background check, credit check, and verify you have a valid driver's license as part of applying for a job.

Employers are now requiring job applicants during the interview, to provide their facebook and other social networking userid and password.  Some are law enforcement groups who claim they want to verify whether the applicants are gang members.   But giving such userid and password gives these potential employers much wider access to personal information that is otherwise protected.   -- such practices may well continue until individuals stand up for their rights to privacy.   See .

But laws in your locality might not protect you  -- so the more important thing to remember is, be very careful what you put on your social media pages.

Your first amendment "rights" may not protect you from being fired for "liking" your boss's opponent ...

Clearly technology is moving too fast for the rest of the world to keep up.

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