Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ten apps for your smartphone

Ten apps for your smartphone.
Mailbox is clever use of mobile interfaces - swipe left/right on any email to handle how you wish.

You will probably not take to all ten, but some will be useful.
In this changing environment, one piece of advice: don't get stuck on a single platform.  I started using Catch ( and liked its many features, but you might have as little as 30 or 60 days to migrate to another platform -- is shutting down at the end of August.  Why?  Who knows, and why does it matter anyway?  Too bad, and worst for people who have standardized on the very nice features, now they have to not only migrate but adapt to using something else.    Evernote has broad support (it's one of the ones on the above list),  but going from one platform to another is always hard.  Examples:
-- moving from MS to Mac, the Office is painful.  Your Outlook .pst files cannot be translated without buying yet another 3rd party product - yep, your Windows .pst messages, folders, calendars, will be be usable in the Mac office product.  good luck with that
-- if you have gotten used to OneNote (another nice product), there is apparently no native Mac OneNote.  Nor can an older version of OneNote open a newer version.  You might try the skydrive version but if you're not online, again, too bad.

Lesson?  Be flexible and always be on the lookout for alternatives.

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