Saturday, March 29, 2014

office for android and ios now free

If you have not already heard, Microsoft is giving away Office on your smartphone and tablet (both IOS and Android platforms).
For the official site:
In combination with OneDrive (the new name for SkyDrive)

Can't save the file to local storage (too bad!), only to cloud, your OneDrive, or your o365 site.
Seems like this was already possible with web app in a browser (say Chrome).
There is a rudimentary local create file (how much are you going to thumb in on your phone anyway) option which can be sync'd to the cloud later.  There will always be some file sync and version conflict any time there are multiple editors and storage locations.

My Android only does Word and Excel (not sure where PowerPoint went).
The AppStore for IOS hints that PowerPoint is available, but I have not tried.

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