Wednesday, March 25, 2015

growing the art of empathy

Non Violent Communication
Sounds boring (dry?), but there is a lot of nutrition here.

This entire idea needs a shorter, better name (easier to remember), needs its own meme.    The idea of empathy, and "honoring the humanity in all of us",  for many people "any action is an attempt to have a need met".   Too much good stuff to put into a single email, so I'll let you bookmark some of the sites and catch up when it grabs your attention.   Conflict resolution is a symptom that comes about when we don't communicate, when we don't have a connection.   Therapy seems to only address those symptoms -- if we are able to move from Jackal to Giraffe, violence might not even arise.

Some local resources right here:

A nice summary to the basic ideas:

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