Wednesday, November 25, 2015

who's looking at your internet usage? everybody!

becoming more obvious but you always knew it was going on since (latest) 2013:
"Comcast does not monitor your activities. Comcast receives notices from content owners identifying an anonymous set of numbers known as an IP address visible on the Internet when the subscriber engages in behavior the owner believes infringes its copyrights.  If Comcast matches the IP address and time listed in the content owner’s notice with our logs, then Comcast generates a copyright alert to our subscriber. The content owner cannot find out your identity through the Copyright Alert System. Comcast protects the subscribers' privacy, no information is shared with the copyright holder."
Not sure if it's more bothersome that a "copyright holder" out on the internet is able to tell that your IP address is going to another site, presumably unauthorized, and determine you are violating a copyright.  Does that sound like I can see that you're going to freestuf-dot-com and you're downloading my copyrighted material ?

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