Friday, September 19, 2014

enFORCE or GUIDE the action of cancer cells, or people

New and fascinating approach to change the behavior of cancer cells; the thinking could just as well apply to other (people) behavior. 
And what stuck out for me in your article was you cited a doctor in Shanghai who said he was inspired by Confucius who wrote, "if you use laws to direct the people and punishments to control them, they will merely try to evade the punishments." Confucius said it made more sense to guide people by virtue. And Dr. Wang said you could take the -- Dr. Wang, the doctor in China, said you could take the same approach with cancer cells.
So in a wider sense, let the path of least resistance be
-- for water, let it flow downhill and collect in its pond (at its resting energy level)
-- for cancer cells, to "behave nicely and not destroy the host" (not necessarily to destroy)
-- for people, to "do the right thing" (because it's actually easier to be "virtuous")

Wonder how game theory can leverage the "guidance".  To be blunt about it, it's another form of "mind control".

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